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Sony: PlayStation games on mobile devices from March 2022

Η Sony Interactive Entertainment promised to bring the popular ones very soon PlayStation video game franchises on mobile devices third party manufacturers.

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In accordance with VideoGamesChronicle, the president and CEO of the company, Jim Ryan, reported yesterday, that Sony Interactive Entertainment intends to launches some of its largest PlayStation franchises on non-console platforms, such as mobile phones.

This news was also released a month ago, when the company announced it was looking for a person for his position "Head of MobileWhich, among other things, would be responsible for the successful adaptation of the most popular PlayStation mobile franchises.

Ryan has now presented a survey that shows that the mobile gaming market brought much higher profits in 2020, compared to the PC gaming market and the console gaming market.

This global trend seems to have played a role in the company's decision to switch to mobile gaming.

Sony PlayStation

Sony has previously had a significant presence in mobile gaming through Xperia Play smartphone and PlayStation Portable and PS Vita portable consoles.

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Also, users can play some PlayStation games on Android and iOS using the Remote Play app.

Now, however, the company is expanding its activities in mobile gaming.

"We begin our journey to bring PlayStation titles out of the console. We started last year with the release of two of our PC games, the Horizon Zero Dawn and the Predator, both were profitable. We will soon do the same for the mobile platform".

The PlayStation has a huge list of titles and Sony plans to release many of them on mobile devices.

Ryan said this would happen soon and asked people to stay tuned.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has some of the best video games, such as “God of War","Killzone","The Last of Us","LittleBigPlanet" “Until Dawn","Uncharted" And much more. Given the company's intention to place more emphasis on mobile gaming, we can assume that some of these games will soon be available in iOS and iPadOS. In the meantime PlayStation 5 Sony's DualSense controller now works with both iOS and iPadOS. This can help in the best gaming experience on mobile devices.

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Six years ago, the Nintendo one of Sony's most important rivals, announced its entry into mobile gaming, iOS and other platforms.

Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to bring its PlayStation games to mobile devices March 2022.

Source: MacRumors

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