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Gmail: Save attachments directly to Google Photos

The next time you receive an email with an image attached to Gmail, you may find a new option that will give you another way to save the image. The new "Save to Photos" feature lets you save images directly to Google Photos from your Gmail account. You do not need to download the files manually before saving them to Google Image Storage. Of course, this feature is currently only available for JPEG attachments.

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Google Photos

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When you preview an attachment, you will find the new option in the menu in the upper right corner. But if you do not want to bother with the file preview, you can find it as a button in the attachment right next to the "Add to Drive" button. "Save to Photos" is now available to all Gmail users - including those with only personal accounts. It is a gradual mood that will be completed within 15 days, so it may take some time to get it.

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If you already have access to the feature, you have a few days to save as many files as you want to Google Photos before the service stops offering you unlimited free storage. After June 1, every photo or video you upload will be counted within the 15 GB limit you share with Gmail, Workspace documents, slides and spreadsheets. You will have to pay for extra storage space unless you have a device pixel.

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