HomesecurityPolice arrest eight suspects in smishing scams!

Police arrest eight suspects in smishing scams!

Police arrested eight people for allegedly sending "smishing" messages, aiming to steal personal and financial information, directing recipients to fake versions of the websites of reputable companies and organizations, such as Royal Mail.

The arrests were the result of police operations in London, Coventry, Birmingham and Colchester.. The detainees are suspected of committing fraud, according to the City of London police.

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The eight suspects are believed to be involved in a smishing campaign in which they sent "fraudulent" messages that appeared to come from the Royal Mail. These messages said that the recipient had to pay a pending postage for a parcel or enter his details to arrange a delivery.

Police arrest eight suspects in smishing scams!

Officers from the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) worked with Royal Mail and the telecommunications industry as part of a "week of action" during which arrests were made.

Appliances estimated to have been used in this fraudulent campaign have been confiscated by the police while they have been located files of stolen financial data - which will allow banks to inform their customers that they have fallen victim to fraud.

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Gary Robinson, head of the DCPCU, said: "The success of these businesses shows how, through our close cooperation with Royal Mail, the financial services sector and mobile networks, we are tracking down criminals who are ruthlessly targeting the public. Investigations are ongoing and we will continue to work together to bring those who commit fraud to justice. smishing. "

Police arrest eight suspects in smishing scams!

Seven of the suspects arrested have been released under investigation, while one suspect is charged and is in custody before everyone appears in court. Investigations are ongoing and City of London police said it was too much further arrests and charges are likely to follow.

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These Phishing messages usually contain a link to a fake version of a legitimate website requesting usernames and passwords or even bank details. There has been a huge increase in phishing attacks in recent months via SMS, especially with messages claiming to come from a delivery company, as many people make online purchases due to its pandemic COVID-19.

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