HomesecurityThe CISOs dealt well with the pandemic, but at personal cost

The CISOs dealt well with the pandemic, but at personal cost

More than 80% of CISOs believe that their existing security capabilities remained strong during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it seems that the personal costs were high as stress and exhaustion skyrocketed.


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Despite the increase in cyber attacks and other security incidents, the CISO community generally seems satisfied with its performance during the pandemic. COVID-19:. Indeed, 88% of CISOs say that their existing security capabilities helped them overcome the storm with minimal negative impact on their organizational capabilities.

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This is the conclusion according to a study by members of ClubCISO, a private forum of 500 security leaders, which has just released the eighth annual report Information security maturity. The report seems to show that the years of innovation and hard work by security professionals have paid off in the last 12 months. In fact, his pandemic COVID-19: had less impact on its members than originally expected.

Stephen Khan, President of ClubCISO, commented: "This year, the ClubCISO Information security maturity report highlights some significant improvements in global business security operations and improvements in the security culture of organizations."

"Although the pandemic has increased the risk of security breaches, with more sophisticated and numerous attacks, security teams have adapted and used the unprecedented situation caused by the pandemic to emphasize the importance of security and increase understanding. their organizations. ”

However, the report also showed that this resilience came at an increased cost to human conditions, with new ways of working and inadequate teams accumulating unprecedented levels of stress, making stress and burnout an even more pressing issue for the CISO community than ever before. , what it was before COVID-19.

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More than 60% of CISOs surveyed said they had experienced an increase in stress in the last 12 months. Even now that the situation has improved due to the vaccinations, 6% reported that their team was experiencing "unbearable" stress and 36% believed that the stress the teams were experiencing had a detrimental effect on their ability to function properly. .

And, resource shortages intensified during the pandemic, so it makes sense that they contributed significantly to the stress and poor mental health of cybersecurity staff. Just under half (45%) respondents said qualifications and resource problems contributed significantly to their stress levels and about half (53%) said staff shortages were a key issue that prevented them from succeeding.

ClubCISO said it was clear that stress remained a problem for the safety community and that it was imperative for employers to work with CISOs and their security teams to try to address the situation.

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