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Samsung is increasing its investment in chip logic companies

Samsung Electronics has announced that it will increase its investment in "logic businesses" by 2030 to a total of $ 151 billion.


What is business logic? Business logic is the custom rules or algorithms that handle the exchange of information between a database and a user interface.

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In 2019, the South Korean tech giant pledged to spend 133 trillion won ($ 117 billion) by 2030 on its logic businesses.

Samsung said it was adding 38 trillion won ($ 34 billion) to this initial investment to speed up advanced research and expand its production facilities.

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The South Korean technology giant has two logic businesses, the Samsung System LSI and the Samsung Foundry. System LSI designs logic chips while Foundry is a contract chip production unit.

By adding more investment, the expansion of the Foundry unit “will help feed whole new industries based on next-generation technologies such as AIThe 5G and autonomous driving ", said the technology giant.

Samsung also announced that it has begun construction of a new production line at its Pyeongtaek plant South Korea.

The new line, called P3, is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022, the company said.

The P3 will build "14-nanometer DRAM" and 5-nanometer logic semiconductors using ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology, Samsung added.

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"The entire semiconductor industry is in crisis right now and now is the time to come up with a long-term strategy and investment plan," said Kim Kim-nam, vice president of Samsung and head of chip company.

"For the memory business, where Samsung has retained its undisputed leadership position, the company will continue to make precautionary investments to lead the industry."

While the South Korean tech giant did not address the current global chip shortage in its announcement, sources told ZDNet that the construction plan for the P3 is six months ahead of schedule. Because of this, the company will likely continue to be flexible in the chips it will build on its production lines at the Pyeongtaek plant.

Samsung is the largest memory chip manufacturer in the world. In foundry, it is the second largest, behind the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). In terms of total revenue, Samsung is the second largest chip maker in the world, behind Intel.

Source of information: zdnet.com

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