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Chrome will probably get a unified sharing menu soon

In the current version of Google Chrome for desktop, you can find some sharing options when you click on the address bar. As you can see in the screenshot below, the Chrome Omnibox has a "Send to your devices" icon and a "Scan QR code" icon next to the bookmarks button. However, other sharing options, such as "Save page as" and "Cast", are hidden in the three-dot menu. Although this layout is not optimal, it makes sense that all the sharing options in the address bar will accumulate. Fortunately, Google is now working on a better solution.


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A recent report from Chrome Story reveals that Google will soon add a new sharing menu to the Chrome address bar. This menu will replace the "Send to your devices" and "Scan a QR code" icons with a new "+" icon. Clicking on this icon will open a drop-down menu with some sharing options, including the replaced "Scan a QR code" option. It will also have "Copy link", "Save page as" and "Cast" options for easier access.

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While the new sharing menu does not include the "Send to your devices" option, Google may add it to the list when the feature is ready for the first time. The company may add even more sharing options to this menu, but we do not currently have any information about them.

The new sharing menu in Google Chrome is currently available on the Canary channel, but is hidden behind an experimental flag. You can enable it by going to chrome: // flags and searching for the flag "Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox". Once activated, the flag replaces the existing sharing options in the address bar with the new “+” icon.

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So far, we do not know when the new Google Chrome sharing menu will be released on a fixed channel. Along with the new sharing menu, Google is also working on adding new features and enhancements to the Chrome media player.

Source of information: xda-developers.com

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