HomesecurityApple: In 2020, rejected 1 million malicious apps for the App Store!

Apple: In 2020, rejected 1 million malicious apps for the App Store!

Apple has rejected the inclusion of about 1 million dangerous or vulnerable applications in its App Store in 2020, as part of its efforts to protect users from tampering.

The manufacturer iPhone reported in a related blog post that of these rejections, the 48.000 were executed due to the fact that the applications contained hidden or undocumented functions while more than 150.000 applications were rejected because they turned out to be spam, copying or misleading users in ways such as manipulating them to make purchases.

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Apple App Store
Apple: In 2020 rejected the inclusion of 1 million malicious apps in its App Store

In 2020, Apple's app evaluation team also rejected it more than 215.000 applications due to that developers were either looking for more user data than they needed or handling incorrect user data.

The tech giant added that deleted 470.000 developer accounts in 2020, while also rejecting 205.000 developer registrations due to fraud concerns.

In addition, Apple noted that monitoring practices resulted in the removal of these fake developer accounts less than a month after their creation.

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Specifically, the company stated the following: "Unfortunately, sometimes developer accounts are created solely for fraudulent purposes. "If a developer breach is severe or recurring, the offender will be removed from Apple's developer program and his account will be removed."

Apple App Store
Apple: 2020 rejected the inclusion of 1 million malicious apps in its App Store

Performing these monitoring protocols - along with prevent the use of more than 3 million stolen credit cards - Apple claimed that it prevented them from being paid more than $ 1,5 billion in potential fraudulent transactions in its App Store.

The Apple App Store update comes shortly after documents were filed in court challenging the company's ability to ensure user safety.

In a email of 2015 filed in court last week, Apple executives said revealed 2.500 malicious applications that have been made download 203 million times by 128 million users.

Apple Vs Epic Games
Apple Vs Epic Games

Although other emails indicate that Apple was considering alerting affected users to malicious applications, the company's legal representatives did not provide evidence that they actually informed users that they had installed malware, according to a report. ArsTechnica.

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The emails were submitted as part of it litigation between Apple and Epic Games. Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple in August 2020, accusing it of abusing its market power, significantly reducing competition in in-app distribution and payment processes.

The US lawsuit is one of many that Epic Games has filed against Apple, with the creator of Fortnite seeking legal action in other jurisdictions, such as Australia, the EU. and the United Kingdom.

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