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Adobe Audition is optimized for M1 Macs

Adobe continues to optimize its suite of applications for Apple Silicon processors. The company announced today that the Audition application for audio production now runs natively on Apple's M1 processors. Adobe says Audition on M1 Mac offers a variety of performance enhancements.

Adobe Audition

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Adobe explains:

Audition now runs natively on Apple M1 systems providing improved performance for recording and mixing high quality audio content such as podcasts, broadcast, audio design, audio recovery and more. Notable gains include faster mixing, sound effect rendering, and near-real-time updates in Spectral Display Editor.

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There are, however, some limitations to running Adobe Audition on M1 Macs. The company explains that Audition on M1 does not currently support EUCON control surfaces or CEP extension panels. Additionally, CD burning is not available and not all video encoders are supported.

Audition also adds a new Strip Silence feature for the first time, similar to Apple's Logic Pro app.

Strip Silence is a highly sought after feature that allows users to locate and remove silent or inactive areas on recorded clips without losing synchronization to multitrack audio. Use this feature to clean up voice recordings, interviews, and prepare multi-track edits, such as podcasts or documentary audio content.

Strip Silence parameters can be customized for unique scenarios, such as noisy background or different levels of intensity between participants, for easy identification and removal of content-free areas, saving authors time.

Other announcements made by Adobe today include a new Loudness Meter in Audition and Premiere Pro, modern text gradients in Premiere Pro and label colors for captions and enhanced caption trimming in Premiere Pro.

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You can learn more and get started with Adobe Audition on the Adobe Web site today.

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