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Google may release another Assistant trigger for Android phones

Google Assistant already supports several triggers on Android phones. You can call it by saying the wake-up words "OK Google" or "Hey Google" by holding down the Home screen button or dragging down the corners if you are using full screen gestures. Some Google Pixel devices also allow you to squeeze the sides to activate the Assistant, while some Nokia and LG phones have a dedicated Assistant button. In Android 12, Google will also introduce a two-tap gesture to call the Assistant and a power button trigger. Although gesture double-tap back may not be available on all phones with the release of Android 12 coming later in the year, the new Assistant trigger button may reach devices faster than expected.

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An excerpt from the latest version of Google App ( revealed new strings, which indicate that Google has started working on adding the new power Assistant trigger button to the application. As you can see in the strings below, the new trigger will allow you to call the Assistant by holding down the function button. Several Chinese OEMs already offer this gesture in their custom Android skins, and it's great to see Google finally integrate it into the Google app.

<string name="assistant_android_settings_long_press_power_summary"> To talk to your Assistant, touch and hold power button, then release
<string name="assistant_android_settings_long_press_power_title"> Long press power for the Assistant

Once the traffic starts with a future Google App update, you should be able to enable it by going to Assistant settings on your phone. On Android 12 devices, the new option should appear in the Apps section of the Settings app. While on devices with Android 11 or later, the option will appear in the Apps & Notification section of the Settings application.

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XDA's Mishaal Rahman managed to find this new option on his Pixel 3 XL with Android 12 DP3 by searching for it in the Settings app. However, he could not turn it on as the "Assistant" settings page continued to crash. However, the setting did not appear on a Pixel 4 with Android 11.

Along with the new power button Assistant trigger, teardown began to discover strings related to another development feature. As you can see in the strings below, this new feature will make it easier for you to approve payments while your phone is connected to Android Auto or when it is unlocked. The feature will allow you to effectively bypass the password or security code for payments while your phone is connected to Android Auto or when it is unlocked.

The strings also indicate an important warning about the use of this new feature. Since it will bypass the password or security code, anyone who has access to your phone while it is unlocked or connected to Android Auto will be able to make payments without the need for authentication. Therefore, it may not be a good idea to turn it on if you often leave your phone unattended.

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Both of the above features are in progress and are not available in the latest version beta of the Google app. We will let you know as soon as they start circulating on the fixed channel.

Source of information: xda-developers.com

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