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WhatsApp: Those who do not accept the terms of privacy lose the capabilities of the app

The WhatsApp has recently introduced new privacy policies for its users, including new terms that ensure that the application Facebook as a condition of use. Although this was initially postponed, WhatsApp will disable some features of the application until users accept the new privacy policy.

WhatsApp privacy

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Following the reactions caused by the new privacy policies of WhatsApp, Facebook decided to postpone the changes regarding the sharing of data between the two social networks.

Last week, the app also said it would not delete or deactivate the account of those who do not accept the new terms. While this is still the case, the company has now stated that it will somewhat restrict users who do not accept the new privacy policies.

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WhatsApp this week informed its users through its website, giving more details about the changes. While the company confirms that users' accounts will not be deleted, WhatsApp now says that those who refuse the new terms will have "limited functionality" in their accounts.

WhatsApp privacy

From May 15, users will lose access to certain WhatsApp features until they accept the new terms. For example, they will not have access to the chat list. Then the audio and video calls will stop working and the user will no longer receive notifications for new messages on WhatsApp.

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In fact, although WhatsApp says it will not delete accounts, those who do not agree with the way the company will communicate their data, lose the functionality of the application as they will not be able to use the basic features it offers.

Ever since WhatsApp announced these changes, some users have been looking for alternatives to the messaging app. These include Signal and Telegram, both of which offer end-to-end encryption, as does Apple's iMessage.

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