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Twitter users accuse Elon Musk of racism

At the weekend, the Elon Musk made his much-discussed appearance on Saturday Night Live. However, many Twitter users who watched the show accused him of making a racist gesture referring to white supremacy.

Elon Musk gesture

The CEO of Tesla used the "OK" gesture while discussing the cryptobodies.

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The gesture made by Elon Musk, which has long been used to indicate prosperity or approval, has become a controversial issue since the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) declared the gesture a symbol of hatred in 2019.

The connection between "white supremacy" and this gesture, started as part of a prank by members of the infamous 4chan message board.

The prank was intended to deceive progressives into believing that everyday gestures like this were in fact secret symbols of white supremacy.

The ADL claimed that although the issue started as a hoax, some advocates of these racist views joined the hoax, leading the organization to label the gesture as racist.

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Elon Musk gesture

The group stressed, however, that in most cases the OK gesture remains linked to its traditional meaning.

«As a result, someone who uses the symbol cannot be considered to be doing it ironically or in a racist mood, unless there is other evidence to the contrary.", Said the ADL.

However, some of its users Twitter are convinced that Elon Musk, who is aware of this disagreement, used the gesture in its racist sense.

In a more deleted tweet, a verified user, who has since made his profile private, wished Musk's death for the incident.

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Many dismissed the allegations, arguing that there was no evidence that Elon Musk's gesture was intended to mean anything else.

Neither Musk nor SNL have commented on the allegations and the moment has been largely overshadowed by other events on the show.

Musk is not the first to be accused of making a racist gesture. THE Kelly Donohue he was also accused of being a supporter of white supremacy, after using the same gesture on the show last month.

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