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RootAyyildiz hacks Egypt's State Intelligence Service

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer, the "Father of Turkish hackers" as they call him, reveals a new successful hacking attack! According to exclusive information from SecNews, from reliable internet sources, the Turkish hacker gained unauthorized access to the State Information Service of Egypt, the State Intelligence Service of Egypt (https://sis.gov.eg/).

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RootAyyildiz hacks Egyptian State Intelligence Service Hacking attack

RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer, is one of the most recognizable hackers in the world that carries out high profile attacks on government targets. His dozens of hacking attacks have alarmed several law enforcement agencies. For the hackers, he is a strong opponent who, with each successful attack, raises the bar even higher, while for his victims / targets, his name causes terror and anxiety.

RootAyyildiz hacks Egypt's State Intelligence Service

The would-be Turk has "upset" the Greek and Cypriot authorities in the recent past with his cyber attacks on critical state infrastructure. Specifically, it targeted Cyprus and specific information systems of the Ministry of National Defense of Cyprus (www.mod.gov.cy) as well as Hermes Airports Ltd which controls the Larnaca and Paphos International Airports of the Republic of Cyprus. Also, not long after the deface attack on https://finance.gov.ly, the website of the Libyan Ministry of Finance, where he chose to leave his own personal message to the Prime Minister of Greece, in a mocking and not at all flattering way. Finally, in an exclusive interview with SecNews, he stated that His successful attacks on state infrastructure in Greece led to the recruitment of 80 new hackers in the state services.

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This time, RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer reveals that it gained unauthorized access to the server of the Egyptian state intelligence service, by violating the website https://sis.gov.eg/. The hacker, without informing us of the attack, managed to hack the website and then, giving more scope to the attack, find backdoor and now have administrator access to the server hosted and stored sensitive government information of the Egyptian government, including passwords for third-party services and platforms such as Facebook accounts.

RootAyyildiz hacks Egyptian State Intelligence Service Hacking attack

In statements on his forum, RootAyyildiz states that he even gained access to fax machines.

"Sis.gov.eg turned out to be inside the government building and not on a remote server in the cloud", stressed the hacker.

SecNews lists the relevant material in the hands of the Turkish hacker (s.s. what has been notified to SecNews). The assessment of the editorial team is that the Turkish Father of Hackers (RootAyyildiz) has further access, since from the data reported he has gained administrator access to the central server (server) and can monitor the active connections of the service.

RootAyyildiz hacks Egypt's State Intelligence Service
RootAyyildiz hacks Egyptian State Intelligence Service Hacking attack
State Information Service of Egypt Hacking attack State Information Service of Egypt Hacking attack
State Information Service of Egypt Hacking attack RootAyyildiz hacks Egypt State Intelligence Service
RootAyyildiz hacks Egyptian State Intelligence Service Hacking attack

Unauthorized access to high-profile websites has as a logical consequence the estimated immediate risk of theft of personal accounts of hundreds of users with all the negatives that this entails!

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Who is RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer?

In hacking circuits he is called "The father of Turkish hackers" given his knowledge and hacking skills but also his successful hacking attacks. Among his successful attacks are the critical Greek infrastructure. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Labor and many high-profile targets in Greece have been cyber-attacked by this hacker.

Learn more about him RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer in his exclusive interview with SecNews.

State Information Service Egypt (State Intelligence Service of Egypt)

The State Intelligence Service is an Egyptian government agency directly under the Egyptian presidency. It is the official media and public relations of the Egyptian state and is responsible for regulating the affairs of the foreign press and correspondents in Egypt.

It was founded in 1954 by the Revolutionary Command Council on the eve of the democratic era, 2 years after the overthrow of King Farouk and the abolition of the Monarchy by Free Officers headed by Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser.

In September 2012, President Mohamed Morsi issued a decree making the SIS a service under the presidency, instead of the most inadequate intelligence ministry. The current president of the SIS is Diaa Rashwan, a well-known journalist and politician, who was appointed by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in June 2017.