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Zoom gains access to Apple's special iPad API

Zoom was one of the most popular platforms used by millions of people during the pandemic. And now he has access to a specialist iPadOS API which allows him to use the iPad camera, while the application is used in multitasking Split View mode.

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This case of special treatment was first pointed out by the application developer Jeremy Provost, who in a suspension explains that Zoom uses a special API that allows the application to continue using and accessing the ‌iPad, camera while in Split view mode.

Zoom can do this thanks to a "right", which allows developers to run a specific feature with an API. As Provost notes, the Apple publicly documents the ability of developers to apply for many different permissions, such as those related to CarPlay, HomeKit and more. However, the special API it has given to Zoom is not offered to other developers by Apple, nor is its existence acknowledged by the company itself.

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At the Zoom developer forum, a staff member for the video conferencing platform confirmed earlier in February that Zoom has access tocom.apple.developer.avfoundation.multitasking-camera-access”Or PiPad‌ Camera Multitasking.

For obvious reasons, this feature is useful when users may want to report and use a separate application during a conference call. Without this special API, if a user launches a video conferencing application in Split view mode, the video call will be dimmed, as the application will not be able to access the iPad‌ camera when performing multiple tasks.

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The new revelation comes at a difficult time for tech giant Cupertino. The company is currently in a legal dispute with the gaming company Epic Games, which accuses it of unfair and anti-competitive control in the App Store and the distribution of applications on devices iOS.

The trial between the two titans began on May 3, and since then, data, including e-mails between Apple executives and employees, have revealed that Apple had previously given some developers, such as Hulu, access to APIs that were not available. to other developers. Apple continues to commit to treating all developers the same and offering "equal terms" to all.

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