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Clubhouse: The application is now available for Android devices!

The Clubhouse is coming now and in Android version for their users United States. The Android application is available at Play Store. The voice-based social network presented on Sunday beta Android app in the Play Store for US users and stated that the application will gradually become available in other countries.

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Clubhouse Android

The app was released last April, just for iPhone. It quickly became popular, attracting many celebrities, politicians, investors and businessmen.

Clubhouse began developing the Android version earlier this year and began testing the beta this month. Many users were asking for the app for Android devices.

"Our plan for the coming weeks is to gather feedback from the community, fix potential issues, and work on adding some final features, such as payments and club creation, before releasing it.", Writes the team.

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Companies in the mobile sector have noticed that Clubhouse facilities have been drastically reduced in recent months. Therefore, the release of the Android application could prove to be crucial for strengthening the social application.

It was a matter of time before the release of Android version of the Clubhouse, since The largest social networking platforms, ie competitors, have applications for Android devices.

"As we move into the summer and continue to expand the backend, we intend to start opening even more, welcoming millions more people from the iOS waiting list, expanding language support and adding more accessibility features", Wrote the Clubhouse team.

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At the moment, the beta version of the Android Clubhouse application does not have many features.

"With Android, we believe the Clubhouse will be more complete", Says the Clubhouse blogpost.

Source: Techcrunch

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