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How to search for open tabs in Safari on a Mac

Once you have opened dozens of tabs in a Safari window, it is difficult to find a specific tab in the tab bar. See how you can quickly search for a specific tab from the open tabs in the current window in Safari on a Mac.

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Search tabs using the "Tab Overview"

The Safari Tab Overview screen includes a built-in feature that lets you search all open tabs in the current window. The only downside is that if you have multiple Safari windows open, you will need to perform this action in each window.

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To get started, open Safari on your Mac and visit several sites on multiple tabs. Then click the Tab Overview button in the upper right corner of the Safari window.

(Alternatively, you can select View> Tab Overview in the menu bar or press Shift + Command + \ on your keyboard.)

You will now see all your open tabs in a grid view that Apple calls "Tab Overview". If you are using a modern version of Safari on your Mac, you will see a “Search Tabs” bar in the upper right corner.

(If you do not see the search bar there, scroll up to reveal it. We recommend that you update Safari immediately as using an older browser poses a huge security risk.)

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On the Safari 14 Tab Overview screen or later, just start typing the site name or page title you are looking for - no need to click the search bar. In older versions of Safari, you must first click on the search bar or press Command + F.

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Safari will immediately start filtering your results. When you find the tab you are looking for, click on its thumbnail to switch to it.

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Use it for as long as you want to search your tabs. If you are using Safari as your default browser in iPhone or the iPad This feature is also available in the mobile version of Safari!

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