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Disney has created real lightsabers and they are wonderful

Disney has created functional lightsabers that mimic the look and sound of the laser sword from the movies Star Wars, announcing on Tuesday that her creation will be part of her new Star Wars themed hotel at Walt Disney World.

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Disney lightsaber

The hotel Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will open in 2022 with a two-day "storytelling" experience, where guests will be transported to the Starcruiser Halcyon. Visitors will be trained to use lightsabers, learn about a spaceship's navigation and defense systems, enjoy great food, and take a tour of Disney World's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge area.

The windows of the hotel will show ever-changing images of the galaxy and character interactions will include Resistance heroes. Visitors will have the opportunity to choose alliances in the context of history and meet with the captain and engineer of the spacecraft. The resort package also includes a live performance dinner by a Twi'lek dancer at the Crown of Corellia Dining Room. The dining room will offer daily breakfast and lunch, as well as a multi-course menu.

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One of the key elements of staying at the new Star Wars resort will be interacting with Rey, who will use the company's new realistic lightsaber. A video of the lightsaber in action shows the axis of light extending beyond the handle, making the same sounds heard in the Star Wars movie.

Disney lightsaber

The lightsaber was first announced by the president of Disney Parks Josh D'Amaro.

A little later, one of Disney's top creative executives, the Scott Trowbridge, wrote on Twitter that it is really true.

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Disney has now confirmed that the lightsaber was designed by Disney Imagineering Research and Development.

On this video, you can find the presentation about the lightsabers and the materials that the company can use to create the effect, as described in its patent.

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