HomesecurityIncrease ad blocking as users are interested in security and ...

Increase ad blocking as users are concerned about security and privacy

New research shows that more and more people are using ad blocking software (ad blocking software) and especially on their smartphones.

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By the end of 2020, approximately 257 million people were using monthly ad blocking software on their PCs. But the biggest increase was observed in smartphones. In the last five years, the number of people using ad blockers has doubled, according to the report.2021 PageFair Adblock Report" the company's Blockthrough.

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The advertisements are very important for the profits of countless sites, including large companies such as Facebook and Google. However, Apple's approach to privacy and the growing use of ad blocking software show that most people prefer to avoid ads.

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Blockthrough also funded a survey of 5.423 Americans. The company wanted to research participants' views on online advertising. About 40% of US adults use an ad blocker. According to Blockthrough, this percentage is twice what publishers often report based on ad-blocking software.

The survey showed that most people (81%) choose to block ads, mainly to avoid interference, interruptions and annoyance. The second reason is protection against malware and the third reason h protection of private life.

To calculate the use of ad blocking programs worldwide, Blockthrough relied on downloads from the ad-blocking address list of Eyeo, the maker of the Adblock Plus browser plugin. Finally, the top ad-blocking browser remains UC Browser, with about 310 million users, despite bans in India and China.

Source: CNET


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