HomesecurityQNAP warns of AgeLocker ransomware attacks on NAS devices

QNAP warns of AgeLocker ransomware attacks on NAS devices

QNAP customers are once again urged to secure their Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices so that they do not fall victim to Agelocker ransomware attacks that target their data.

QNAP NAS ransomware

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In a security advisory published today, the company states that its security team discovered samples of the ransomware AgeLocker in the "market", which has "the ability to affect QNAP NAS devices".

"To secure your device, we strongly recommend that you regularly update your QTS or QuTS hero and all installed applications to the latest versions to take advantage of vulnerability fixes," QNAP said. "You can check the product support status to see the latest updates available on the NAS model."

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Customers are also warned not to expose them . their devices on the internet, as this would allow the potential ones invaders to find them and gain access to data of users.

A QNAP PSIRT spokesman told BleepingComputer that NAS devices recently compromised by the ransomware AgeLocker were using up-to-date firmware.

"Therefore, we would like to ask users to update the firmware and applications to the latest version to keep the devices safe from attack," the spokesman added.

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AgeLocker ransomware was first identified in July 2020 and has since targeted QNAP NAS devices around the world - specifically in a campaign that ran in September 2020.

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