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Microsoft Edge: Comes with the ability to share tabs between your devices

Microsoft Edge has become one of the most popular desktop browsers. In fact, it is the second most popular browser right now, just behind Google Chrome. As a Chromium-based browser, it has many features in common with Google Chrome and other browsers Chromium. This means that if you have used Chrome before, you will feel at home. However, there are many features that Edge still does not have compared to Chrome. One such feature is the ability to share tabs between your devices. But it looks like that will soon change, as Edge is going to get it right away.

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Microsoft is releasing (via Windows Latest) a new feature in Edge Canary that will allow users to send tabs to other devices. This is useful if you have multiple devices and use Microsoft Edge as your default browser. Basically, you will be able to transfer tabs from your desktop to your Android phone or other Windows devices that are connected to the same Microsoft account.

Tab sharing comes as part of Edge Canary 92.0.873.0 for desktop and 92.0.870 for Android. To share a tab, go to the webpage you want to share and right-click on the link or tab and pop-up menu, select "Send link to [your device name]". The feature is also accessible from the address bar, as in Google Chrome, and will show you a list of all the synced devices with which you can share the page.

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When you send a tab from your desktop to your Android phone, you will receive a notification with the link, page name, etc. and clicking on it will open this link in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge

Sharing tabs will work for both. You will also be able to "send" tabs from your Android phone to your desktop. When you share a link from your phone's Edge browser to your Windows device, a notification will appear in the Notification Center window.

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Tab sharing is available in the latest version of Edge Canary at Windows and Android. If you want to try it out, you can download the latest version for your Windows device from here..

Source of information: xda-developers.com


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