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Trombia: The robot that cleans the streets of Helsinki

Helsinki tests a quiet robot - called Trombia - in an effort to find new ways to keep the streets clean without disturbing residents.

Trombia Helsinki

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The Trombia Free vehicle will operate from today and every night (except weekends) on a busy road (Välimerenkatu) and bike path (Baana) in the area Jätkäsaari of Helsinki.

"The autonomous and vacuum cleaner is so quiet that it makes it possible to clean the streets at night, preventing traffic as little as possible," said Antti Nikkanen, CEO of Trombia Technologies. “For us, Jätkäsaari is an ideal location smart city, as Jätkäsaari at night will show what can really be achieved with automation in an urban environment. ”

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In particular, the noise level and efficiency of the street cleaner, as well as its wider benefits and limitations, will be monitored. The machine can detect obstacles and pedestrians on the path and has the ability to stop, but for now during its operation will be accompanied by an operator.

Janne Rinne, Project Manager of the Forum Virium Helsinki, for the city's innovation unit, said: “Our goal is to export the best solutions from the Jätkäsaari Mobility lab to other cities in Finland and abroad. "At the same time, we are promoting Helsinki 's climate targets and creating a more enjoyable urban environment for residents."

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Trombia Free is described as "the world's first fully powered, electric and autonomous street cleaning vacuum cleaner".

Source of information: thenextweb.com


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