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Stratolaunch completes the second flight of the largest aircraft in the world

Stratolaunch has taken another step towards its goal of launching supersonic vehicles. On Thursday, the company completed the second test flight of its airline, which is now known as the largest aircraft in the world. The 385-foot dual-fuselage flew for three hours and 14 minutes over the Mojave Desert at 14.000 feet. While it did not fly as high (17.000 feet) as it did on its first test flight a year ago, it flew 44 minutes longer than before.


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According to Stratolaunch, the successful flight confirms the performance and capability of the aircraft and also validates the improvements made to the aircraft since its previous flight.

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The company has already begun assembling another version of its supersonic vehicle, the Talon-A, which is expected to fly for the first time early next year. He also began assembling the reusable version of the Talon-A, which he is expected to begin testing in 2023. Stratolaunch aims to be able to launch the reusable Talon-A from its aircraft carrier. The Mach 6 ultrasonic vehicle is expected to provide 60 seconds of supersonic flight before sliding back for a standalone landing in a conventional aisle.

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According to the site Space, Stratolaunch's activities may be of interest to their army USA, as supersonic vehicles are good weapon delivery systems due to their flexibility. Dr. Daniel R. Millman, CEO of the company said that the company is considering how it can help the US Department of Defense to mitigate the risks of some of the most expensive tests of flights.

Source of information: engadget.com


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