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Adobe has announced the next generation of the CDP platform

As Google Chrome and other browsers prepare to end support for third-party cookies, Adobe has announced the next generation of real-time customer data platform (CDP) to help brands enable known and unknown customer data.

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The company's real-time CDP allows brands to manage their entire customer profile and travel seamlessly across a system without the need for third-party cookies.

As consumers realize the value of data shared on the internet, a patchwork of privacy regulations such as the GDPR is beginning to emerge globally. At the same time, however, organizations remain committed to offering personalized brand experiences that are usually based on tracking by third-party cookies to create.

Now that the Google has introduced the new FLoC monitoring technology in Chrome, brands will have reduced the information about unknown visitors in their digital properties, which will affect their ability to provide an exciting customer experience.

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Adobe Real-Time CDP offers brands a central hub that brings together different types of first-party events and delivers data to help them form a fuller picture of their customers. The platform allows brands to combine web data, applications and multimedia by publishers to create richer customer profiles. They can then use Adobe Target to create personalized experiences for their visitors.

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