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Brazil: REvil ransomware targets Rio Grande do Sul judicial system

The Justice Tribunal of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (TJRS), the state judicial system Rio Grande do Sul of Brazil, fell victim to her ransomware REvil gang. The hackers managed to encrypt the files of the employees and forced the courts to shut down their network.

Justice Tribunal of the State of Rio Grande do Sul
Brazil: The Rio Grande do Sul judicial system is a victim of REvil ransomware

The attack started the day before yesterday morning. Employees went to work, but found that all their documents and pictures were no longer accessible. Instead, their computers displayed a note from the hackers informing them of the attack and demanding ransom.

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Shortly after the start of the attack, o TJRS official Twitter account warned employees not to connect to TJ network systems, either locally or remotely.

"TJRS reports that it is experiencing problems with computer systems. The System Security team advises internal users not to access computers remotely, nor to connect to computers within the TJ network" Reported on Twitter the court of Rio Grande do Sul.

REvil ransomware court system
Brazil: The Rio Grande do Sul judicial system is a victim of REvil ransomware

Η ransomware gang Revil is behind the attack on the judicial system of Rio Grande do Sul

A Brazilian security researcher known as Brute Bee showed on BleepingComputer a screenshot of the ransom notes left by hackers on employee systems.

These notes appear to be related to the Revil ransomware gang.

It is said that hackers asked for $ 5.000.000 to decrypt files, but also not to leak data stolen from the systems.

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BleepingComputer also received a recording in which a person described the attack as "horrible" and "the worst thing that ever happened there“. TJRS IT staff are in a state of panic as they try to reset thousands of devices.

This is not the first time the Brazilian judiciary has been targeted by cybercriminals.

Last November, Brazil's Supreme Court was attacked by ransomware gang RansomEXX, which began encrypting devices in the middle of court teleconferences.

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At the same time, sites of other Brazilian federal government agencies were offline, but it was unclear whether they were shut down due to an attack or shut down for protection.

Source: Bleeping Computer


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