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BMW, Ford and Honda reduce production due to lack of chips

BMW Ford Honda
BMW, Ford and Honda reduce production due to lack of chips

Despite the efforts of chip manufacturers, many industries are facing problems and delays in the production of products due to the global shortage of semiconductors. In fact, the situation seems to be deteriorating. Demand far exceeded supply during the pandemic, when markets for a variety of products, from game consoles to televisions, increased significantly. People were trying to find pleasant ways to spend their time indoors. As a result, many of the technology products based on these chips, such as PS5, Xbox Series X / S and iPhone 12, exhausted quickly, and there were often delays in shipments. Unfortunately, the situation is rather deteriorating for one of the most affected sectors: the automotive industry. Bloomberg reports that Major carmakers such as Ford, BMW and Honda are warning of reduced production due to a lack of chips.

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Η Ford in the US stated that the lack of chip could reduce production by half the current financial quarter.

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Η Honda in Japan announced that it would stop production at three factories for five to six days next month. Finally, the BMW warned of delays at its facilities in Germany and England.

lack of chips
BMW, Ford and Honda reduce production due to lack of chips

What started out as a disadvantage caused by the closure of factories during the pandemic has turned into extensive problem, due to the high demand for chips in other industries. Cars use semiconductors to power the advanced driver assistance systems their. The more technology used in cars, the more chips are needed. It is inevitable.

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The global shortage of chips has also led to bigger ones waiting times for car buyers. According to The New York TimesThe Porsche has warned U.S. dealers that customers may have to wait an extra 12 weeks to get their cars.

The problems, unfortunately, are not limited to the automotive industry. The news does not seem to be better at technology industry. Both Apple and Samsung have said that the lack of a chip will have a significant impact on their financial results.

Source: Engadget


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