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Vivaldi browser acquires "Cookie Crumbler" function

The Vivaldi browser has released an update with a new "Cookie Crumbler" feature that offers relief from the hassle of consent for cookies that plague the web for Europeans due to new privacy laws.


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As all Europeans know, every time they open a website, they are confronted with a message informing them that the website uses their cookies for various reasons and then has to choose: "I accept cookies" or "I refuse cookies" or , most often an option for "Manage cookie settings" or "Go to cookie settings".

Many people choose to simply accept cookies just to get away from all this updating so they can see the content they want quickly.

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This is one of his most annoying "side effects" General Regulation on Data Protection EU and the previous directive on privacy in the electronic communications sector. The latest directive required websites serving EU visitors to obtain their consent before placing cookies on a visitor's computer.

The latest Vivaldi update, version 3.8 for desktop, includes an early attempt to remove this annoyance in the Ad Blocking section of the browser Settings interface.

Vivaldi explains his reasoning in a post: “Users are often required to click many steps to manage cookies. That means the user's browsing is frustrating. ”

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Vivaldi users can try out the new "Cookie Crumbler" feature by going to Settings> Privacy> Tracker and Ad blocking> Manage Sources> and activating Remove cookie warnings.

Vivaldi warns that the operation is not perfect, so you may encounter errors.

Source of information: zdnet.com


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