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Windows 10 will stop rearranging apps in multi-screen settings

Over time, the workflow has evolved significantly, and of course the way we manage it. Today, there are many uses where you could take advantage of having multiple monitors on your computer. And the ability to use multiple screens in Windows has been around for a long time - from Windows 98, in fact, as long as your graphics card had the right drivers to support it. However, there are still some quirks and issues that can arise from the use of multiple screens, which can be annoying. Now, Microsoft fixes one of the most annoying quirks: the system unnecessarily reorganizes your applications into multi-screen settings in Windows 10.

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If you are a single screen user or have never seen this happen, imagine connecting multiple screens to your computer, going to sleep, and then returning to take your device out of sleep mode and find that the windows have been moved randomly. in a different location within your screens. Most of the time, they all come together on a single screen.

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According to Microsoft's DirectX Developer Blog, this issue actually has a technical name: Rapid Hot Plug Detect, or Rapid HPD, is what causes these annoying rearrangements on the desktop. And according to this post, the issue is specifically how Windows handles multi-screen DisplayPort connections. And the good news is that it has been fixed!

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The fix is ​​currently only live in the Windows 10 Insider program (version 21287 and above). But if your device is affected by this issue and you are not in the program Insider, do not expect to wait long until it is released in the stable version of Windows 10.

Source of information: xda-developers.com


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