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Telegram will launch group video calls next month

The Telegram messaging platform will launch group video calling next month.


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The founder Pavel Durov made the announcement through a message (text) published on the official television channel today where he said "we will launch the possibility of group video calls, Telegram will become an even more powerful platform".

"Screen sharing, encryption, noise cancellation, desktop and tablet support - all you can expect from a modern teleconferencing tool, but with Telegram-level UI, speed and encryption. Stay tuned!" added, using the types of phrases one would expect from a corporate software maker.

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Telegram often mocks its rivals for being slow to add new features to their platforms, but group video calling was the one that delayed the launch of video calling from one user to another last August - instead of prioritizing group video launches. .

In a post in April 2020 to highlight its 400 million users, he said the global lockdown had "highlighted the need for a reliable video communication tool". However, he also stressed its importance security in group video calls - and that this may have delayed the launch.

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However, how secure the possibility of group video calling on Telegram will be will be seen in the future.

Source of information: techcrunch.com

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