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Elon Musk: Some people may die during the mission to Mars

Ambitious billionaire businessman Elon Musk, who aims to transport people to Mars, made a rather bold statement. During an interview he said that "a number of people will probably die"During a future mission to Mars, adding that the trip will be"painful and dangerous».

Elon Musk Mars

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Musk explained at Peter Diamandis, founder and president of the Foundation XPrize dealing with scientific discoveries, that many people have questioned whether a mission to Mars is "some kind of escape for the rich.»

«Going to Mars is like this Shackleton ad going to Antarctica", Added Musk. «It is dangerous, it is uncomfortable, it is a long journey, from which you may not return. But it is a wonderful adventure and it will be an amazing experience.»

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«It is a painful and dangerous journey where you may not return aliveMusk continued. «Honestly, a number of people will probably die in the beginning.»

Elon Musk Mars

In December, Musk said he was "very confident" in predicting his company would take people to Mars by 2026, CNBC reported.

Musk announced last month that he had plans to build a city in Texas called "Starbase", Which would be"much larger than Boca Chica.Boca Chica is the current city to host SpaceX Texas take-off.

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An original SpaceX SN10 rocket Starship exploded on March 3, after its successful launch and completion of a turn in the air.

While Musk's company has launched about 100 rockets over the past decade in an effort to send humans to Mars, a number of rockets have also been lost in explosions, the New York Post reported.

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