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An NVIDIA employee suggests a solution to gaming problems

An NVIDIA staff member suggested that users go back to an older version of Windows 10 to resolve gameplay issues on devices running NVIDIA GPUs.


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Ever since Microsoft released the cumulative updates in April 2021, gamers have been complaining about frame rate drops and stuttering while playing their games.

These complaints have not only appeared on Reddit but have also spread to the Windows 10 Feedback Hub, its community forums Microsoft products and NVIDIA forums.

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As first reported by WindowsLatest, in response to these complaints, an NVIDIA staff member suggested a rollback from the optional March 5000842 KB2021 preview update. KB5000842 contains the same changes as the April update KB5001330, but without security fixes.

"If you notice lower performance in games, check if restoring Windows 10 Update KB5000842 solves the problem," one NVIDIA staff member commented on the NVIDIA forums.

To perform the reset, users will need to uninstall KB5001330 and return to the March 10 Windows 5000802 KBXNUMX Update Patch Tuesday.

As the April update to Windows 10 KB5001330 fixes more than 100 security vulnerabilities, users are advised not to uninstall this update.

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Microsoft will release a new cumulative preview update today or tomorrow and users can try installing it to see if it solves gaming problems.

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