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Can an app help you change your personality?

Several years ago, Sibill Schilter, a student at the University of Zurich, discovered that her college was recruiting people to test whether an app could help someone change their personality. What do we mean by personality? The patterns of ideas, feelings and behaviors of people, which are usually categorized as "big five": transparency, conscience, extroversion, passion and neuroticism.

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Psychologists are constantly debating whether or not these characteristics can change. The test in which Schilter participated was designed to test whether the daily use of an application for 3 months can be enough to create noticeable and distinct character adjustments. Each participant chose a feature to expand or reduce. The participant may want to reduce his / her excessive extroversion, be less calm or take initiatives more easily than usual.

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The application, known as Peach (PErsonality coACH), works like a calendar, a dashboard and a text messaging channel in one. In the dashboard, customers can see a summary of their goal, a diary showing their progress and work for the week. The application sends the consumer two alerts daily to remind him of his goals and if the user makes any progress, it will appear in the control panel.

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Users can chat with a digital trainer, a chatbot called "Peach" about their daily activities. The chatbot can also ask him various questions. Users complete a diary daily, making a self-assessment of these 5 key personality traits. (For example: "How would you describe yourself today - as shy or social?")

In an examination revealed in February in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers concluded that the application works. The test was performed with the help of 1.523 volunteers who used the application for three months. The volunteers confirmed some adjustments to their character. Also, friends or companions who volunteered to watch the members noticed the changes in their character.

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Researchers Mirjam Stieger and Mathias Allemand report that the application worked as users interacted with it several times a day. Their application constantly gave advice. Mathias Allemand also said that accessibility, comfort and the variable nature of the variable helped a lot.

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