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Instagram will filter the DMs of strangers that contain insults

Instagram adds another much needed level of protection against the various hassles that can reach your inbox: from now on, it will automatically filter out DMs that contain offensive words, phrases and emoji so you never have to see them again. . ”


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The idea is to prevent strangers from sending you hate messages which already arrive in a separate inbox, so that goes a step further.

Instagram noted that you will have the option to "enable and disable DM request filters in a new special section of Privacy Settings called Hidden Words". This feature will work with a list of predefined words, as well as any words you add to the list.

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It's nice, but it looks like something the company should have released a long time ago - especially since it insists on the practice of strangers continuing to text you.

We are in 2021: We expect filters to be able to use AI to detect even the most covert threats that do not include a single word of aggression. But this is another, more complex story that we will analyze again.

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The new filtering feature will be available in the coming weeks in various countries. Instagram says it will take months for it to become more widely available.

Source of information: thenextweb.com

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