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Samsung: Software update turns old Galaxy smartphones into IoT devices

Η Samsung announced that a new initiative has been launched with the aim to give life to old smartphones. it is about a new software update, which will allow consumers to turn their older Galaxy smartphones into various IoT and smart home appliances. The initiative called "Samsung Galaxy Upcycling at Home", Is an extension of the program Galaxy Upcycling and is currently in beta. Galaxy Upcycling at Home will initially be available in South Korea, the US and the UK and will later be released in other countries.

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Samsung Galaxy

According to Samsung, the software update provides Improved sound and light control capabilities, utilizing the built-in sensors of older phones Galaxy. Consumers can use the new features through it SmartThings Labs in the existing SmartThings application, to choose how they want to use these older devices.

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Older devices can be converted into smart home devices, such as baby monitors, light sensors, etc.

Samsung also utilizes one artificial intelligence solution that enhances the ability of devices to distinguish sounds, so old Galaxy devices can be used to store some recordings, such as a crying baby, a barking dog or a bang. When it detects these sounds, it will alert the user's main device so that it can listen to the recordings.

Older devices can also be configured to work as light sensors. They will measure the brightness of a room and turn on the lights or TV automatically via the SmartThings app if the space is darker than specified.

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The update will also come with improvements related to battery, to minimize its use so that the devices can be used for long periods of time for these new features.

Galaxy Upcycling at Home will be available for all Samsung Galaxy S, Note and Z smartphones that were released from 2018 onwards and use Android 9 and above. The company said that more devices will be supported in the future.

"Smart home appliances are a fast growing trend for consumer electronics and we believe that old Galaxy devices that are no longer in use can play an important role in transforming any home into a smart home.", Said the vice president of Samsung Mobile and head of the SmartThings team, Jaeyeong Jung.

Galaxy Upcycling at Home

"The program turns Galaxy devices into SmartThings devices and demonstrates the power of our smart IoT platform in trying to expand the possibilities of what users can do with their old phones. Through Galaxy Upcycling at Home, users will have access to the complete SmartThings ecosystem, and explore wider updates and features without having to purchase a new device".

A Samsung executive said: “We watch how we can use existing resources and we believe that the key to upgrading is to enable solutions that transform old technology into something new".

Source: ZDNet

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