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Apple: The iOS 14.5 update is coming next week

Η Apple will eventually be released iOS 14.5 next week. The update will bring a number of improvements, including new tracking and tracking tools (AirTags), support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X controls, new voices for Siri, and updates to the Music app. The new version also makes it possible to unlock iPhone with an Apple Watch, so that there is no problem with face recognition when the user wears a mask.

Apple iOS 14.5

But the biggest and most controversial change that iOS 14.5 brings is App Tracking Transparency or ATT feature. This feature has been discussed a lot since Apple introduced it. The ATT will requires applications to request permission from users before monitoring their activity for advertising purposes.

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The introduction of this feature raised a storm of reactions, among advertising companies, with the Facebook to say that this move by Apple will negatively affect many companies that rely on advertising. In fact, in December, Facebook said that Apple misleading customers and that the new policy was intended to increase the company's profits and not to help protect privacy (although at some point, the CEO of the platform seems to have changed his mind on the catastrophic consequences of the feature).

Apple, for its part, claimed that the ATT of iOS 14.5 is very important and goes hand in hand with the company's commitment to address privacy as a human right.

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Apple's chief software officer Craig Federighi, said last year that the new feature will finally prove to be good "even people who are currently protesting against these moves", Because there will be more control over data and applications.

Apple has revealed the release date of iOS 14.5 in its announcement about the upcoming tracking device AirTag. There he said that AirTag needs iOS 14.5 to work and said it will come "from next week".

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The App Tracking Transparency feature was unveiled in June 2020, at WWDC event Apple, along with other features of iOS 14. But in September, shortly before the release of iOS 14, the company said it would give developers more time to adjust to the new changes, so it said the feature would eventually come in handy. early 2021.

Source: The Independent

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