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Facebook: Direct export of posts to Google Docs and WordPress

Yesterday, Facebook announced some new data portability options that allow you to transfer content you've posted on the social network to writing platforms. In particular, Facebook has integrated an option to transfer your posts and notes to Google Docs, as well as two popular blogging platforms, WordPress.com and Blogger.

Facebook Google Docs and WordPress

Facebook already offers options for exporting your data to your local hard drive. This is great if you just want to back up your content. However, it may take some time to export this content and republish it in a blog or document to bring it back. Now, with the ability to transfer posts and notes to a new platform, you can transfer your files to a new public platform quickly and efficiently.

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Facebook announced in 2019 that it is working on new ways to support data portability between platforms and other services. The giant company has started its commitment to data portability by enabling users to transfer photos and videos directly to storage platforms such as Backblaze, dropbox, Google Photos and Koofr.

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From yesterday, April 19, Facebook users can export their posts and notes to Google Docs, WordPress.com and Blogger.

To get started, you just need to go to the "Your Facebook Information" section in Settings. After that, click on "Transfer Your Information", enter your password, and then select the data type and service to which you want to transfer. From there, you just need to enter the password of the service to which you are transferring, and then click on "Confirm Transfer".

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There are some important warnings about what will be transported. For example, posts that include photos and videos will be transferred with multimedia content. However, only content that is visible in the user profile and uploaded by the user requesting the transfer will be moved. Content posted by a user on a friend's profile will not be transferred. Content uploaded by a friend, even if the user requesting the transfer has been marked, will not be moved with the rest of the data.

However, the option of transferring photos, videos and now written content to another service is a welcome move for those considering deleting their Facebook account and moving away from the platform once and for all.

Source of information: mashable.com

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