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Facebook in collaboration with Spotify brings podcasts to its app

Facebook has extensively analyzed its plans for how it intends to take advantage of sound as the next development milestone. The giant social media revealed that users will soon be able to play a podcast on the Facebook application itself. The company says that "in the coming months" users will be able to listen to podcasts while using the app, even when running in the background.

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In addition, Facebook algorithms will learn from listening habits and show you more content that may suit your taste. But that is not all. Facebook also envisions this push for podcasts as a way for creators to interact with their audience on the same platform. "And podcast creators will be able to reach out and connect with new listeners - all directly through the Facebook app," the company said.

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Now, the official Facebook announcement does not include many details on whether these podcasts will be original or whether they will be imported from another platform. And if they are going to come from another platform, from which platform? However, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that Facebook users will be able to listen to podcasts hosted on Spotify, thanks to the deepening of ties between the two companies.

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Facebook will reportedly add a built-in music player to its eponymous app that will allow users to listen to podcasts as well as songs from the Spotify library. This feature is said to arrive in about a week after being tested in Thailand, Mexico and some other markets besides USA.

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The company notes in its official post that it will allow creators to extract a portion of a live audio chat - another feature coming soon to Facebook and Messenger - and publish it as a podcast.

Source of information: pocketnow.com


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