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James Charles demonetized: Why did YouTube make this decision?

The YouTube paused ads (demonetized) on the well-known youtuber channel James Charles, depriving him of the opportunity to make money. The decision to demonetize is due to allegations that James Charles had sex with minors.

James Charles demonetized

YouTube reported on Business Insider that the temporary removal of Charles from Partner Program, is related to “creator responsibility policy”Of the platform. In accordance with this policy: “If we see that the behavior of a creator inside and / or outside the platform harms our users, community, employees or our ecosystem, we may take action to protect the community“. The policy also states that YouTube may take action against content creators who "harm" others through abuse, violence or fraudulent behavior.

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The James Charles Channel has 25,5 million subscribers, making him one of the most popular youtubers.

There have been rumors for years about James Charles's alleged inappropriate behavior towards minors, but in recent weeks the "sexting scandal" has intensified. More than 15 men and boys accuse Charles for misconduct dating back at least 2019. He uploaded a video on April 1st entitled "Holding myself accountableTo explain the situation. There he confirms that he has "flirted" with boys under the age of 18, but claims that at least two of those who accused him had lied or had deliberately concealed their true age. He admits his behavior was "reckless" and apologizes to his followers.

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James Charles sexting

YouTube has refused to confirm how long the suspension of James Charles from the Partner Program will last. However, the platform seems to take seriously allegations of misconduct by creators and takes action. Lately it has proceeded to demonetize other channels as well.

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"Since the release of this video, many more people have present a series of misleading stories and false allegations reproduced by many people, creators and news agencies" wrote Charles. "My legal team has started taking action against those who have spread misinformation and / or created completely false stories, as this has gone too far".

Source: Gizmodo

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