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SmartThings Find: Warns you if a Galaxy SmartTag is following you

Wanting to compete with Apple AirTags, Samsung launched the Galaxy SmartTags last year to offer an alternative to the popular Tile trackers. Bluetooth-enabled accessories have partnered with Samsung's enhanced SmartThings Find to create a network of multi-resource users that can help locate lost items, even if they are out of range of Bluetooth. This system has also raised some privacy issues that Samsung will address next week with a major update to SmartThings.

SmartThings Find

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There are actually two things that will arrive once the update is complete. Next week, Bixby will allow hands-free voice-activated search for the Galaxy SmartTags. You can ask Bixby to look for an item that is linked to a SmartTag by a nickname and the ringtone will sound if the item is nearby.

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The most important new feature, however, may be "Unknown Tag Search". Smart things can find your favorite item, keeping it private, through other Galaxy users who have allowed Smart things to share their location as a nearby location of lost devices.

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Η Samsung tries to reassure users that, in addition to this "tracking" activity, the Galaxy SmartTags and SmartThings Find are designed to be secure and private. User data promises to be encrypted and protected through a random ID that changes every 15 minutes. In addition, the location of the SmartTag also promises not to be disclosed to anyone other than the owner of the tracker.

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