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The Parler app returns to the Apple App Store

In a letter to Congress, Apple announced Monday that it was approving Parler's return to its App Store, following improvements made by the social media company to better detect and mitigate hate speech and incitement.

Parler Apple

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So the Parler app, which is very popular among conservatives and some members of the far right, is again available on Apple devices.

The letter addressed to the senator Mike Lee and the representative Ken Buck, explains that since Parler was removed from Apple's platform in January for policy violations, it has "proposed updates to its application and content monitoring practices."

On April 14, Apple's app evaluation team told Farler that its proposed changes were sufficient.

"Apple expects the updated Parler app to be available soon after its release", Said the letter of Apple.

So far neither Apple nor Parler have commented.

Parler is an alternative application of Facebook and Twitter, which offers freedom of speech. However after the riots in Capitol on January 6, moved away from most technology platforms.

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Parler Apple

Parler started with Apple and its app stores Google, as well as Amazon Web Services, which hosted the company's product.

All three tech giants cited hate speech in the app as a reason to leave. Other vendors later removed the application, making it inaccessible to the internet. For several weeks, Parler was a static page instead of a functional social networking application.

The application returned to the internet on February 15, but not before it was removed its CEO by the board. It took Apple two more months to get its approval, restoring Parler to its app store.

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Parler, meanwhile, is waging a legal battle against Amazon (AMZN), claiming in part that Big Tech companies worked together to limit its market access. Technology companies have dismissed Parler's allegations.

In a letter on Monday, Apple said its decision to remove Parler from its app store was "an independent decision"And that Apple"did not coordinate or otherwise consult with Google or Amazon regarding this decision.»


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