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How to find your Android phone or iPhone with Google Assistant

Everyone is afraid of losing their smartphone. There are many ways you can try to find it, but the easiest is with the help of Google Assistant. Just say "Hey Google" and find your iPhone or Android phone.

Using the Google Assistant Find My Phone feature on Android requires no settings. If your device is enabled, has an internet connection, and is connected to your Google Account, you should be able to find it. The iPhone method requires a little more work, but is still easy to do.

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Find your Android phone with Google Assistant

To use the feature, all you have to do is say "Hey Google, find my phone" on a smart speaker or Google Nest screen. If you have multiple devices in your account, it will ask you to specify which device you want to find.

Once your lost Android phone is turned on, connected to the internet and connected to the same Google Account as your speaker, it will start ringing.

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Find your iPhone with Google Assistant

For iPhone, you need to make some settings before the feature works. First, install the Google Home app from the App Store and sign in to your Google Account.

Google Assistant

Then click "Settings."

From the Settings menu, select "Notifications."

Open "General Notifications".

Google Assistant

You will see some of the different types of alerts that Google Home can provide. What you need to activate is "Critical Alerts".

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Without it, you can use the feature. Say "Hey Google, find my iPhone" on one of Google Nest's smart speakers or screens.

Google Assistant

If the iPhone is enabled, connected to the internet, and using the same Google Account on both the speakerphone and the Home app will start ringing.

This is a smart little way to use Google Assistant to find your iPhone, though it may not be as reliable as Apple's built-in method.

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