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OTE Group: Leads ports and shipping in the new digital age

On our research project "DataPorts» for digital transformation of ports, participates OTE Group. The objectives of the project are the utilization of data for the optimization of the services offered by the ports and the strengthening of the supply and transport chain, with benefits for the wider ecosystem around the ports.

The project aims to create a central data management platform, distributed architecture, that will allow the rapid and reliable exchange of mobility information both between the traditional port ecosystem (port authorities, agencies, shipping and transport companies), and between a wider public and ecosystem private entities around the ports (such as municipalities, regions, trade associations, companies, etc.).

Through DataPorts, more effective monitoring of vehicle traffic, better management of cargo and goods is achieved and the time of travel and waiting in the main arteries of the port roads is minimized. In addition, better traffic and a reduction in the length of stay of vehicles in port have the effect of reducing the emission of gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere. Utilizing DataPorts will have many benefits for the wider port ecosystem, such as improving productivity, providing better service and creating new sources of revenue.

The OTE Group participates in the design, development and testing of new services, in the definition of the technical requirements and the specifications of the platform, but also in the overall evaluation of the program. It also contributes to the provision and analysis of data, to the dissemination and utilization of project results, as well as to the shaping of the business model.

The DataPorts research project is co-funded by the EU. through the Horizon 2020 framework and has a total duration of three years. The project involves 13 organizations (technology companies and research organizations) from five countries (France, Germany, Greece, Spain and Israel). The ports of Thessaloniki and Valencia participate in the DataPorts project as "pilots" for the implementation of the data management platform.

OTE Group

COSMOTE: Wide range of ICT solutions applied in the shipping industry

Having entered into strategic partnerships in the field of IT Integration, COSMOTE develops and implements specialized ICT solutions, which can be customized according to the needs of each customer, and in vertical markets such as shipping. The solutions provided through IT Integration concern the areas of Cloud and Data Center, networking and information security, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse, Big Data as well as Service Desk, Proactive Monitor, Operations & Support, Service & Program Management, ERP, CRM and Professional Services.

Especially for cyber security which is a challenge for the maritime industry, COSMOTE offers specialized solutions that can help ships and shipping companies to strengthen their defenses at sea and on land:

  • Cyber ​​Security Operation Center: To monitor the security infrastructure of an organization both on land and at sea, and real-time information in the event of a breach.
  • Next Generation Network Security Solutions: Advanced security solutions for network protection either at the data center and office level or at the ship level.
  • OT / SCADA Security: Security solutions to protect industrial ship systems and detect malware.
  • Cloud Security: Complete solutions for the secure transition of an organization to the cloud and the protection of its infrastructure.

Otesat-Maritel: Specialized satellite shipping services

Through his subsidiary Otesat-Maritel, the OTE Group, provides specialized services in both the Greek and the international shipping market. Specifically, it offers and supports 24/7 satellite services and equipment Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT, as well as ship deck services and electronic equipment. In addition, the company develops specialized ICT shipping solutions for satellite broadband communications and IP ship networks, mainly the award-winning solution s @ tGate, both for business use and for use by ship crews. Part of the s @ tGate platform are the services GRAS (Global Remote Assistance Solution), GVMS (Global Vessel Monitoring Solution) and IRIS Cyber ​​Security Solution developed in collaboration with the OTE Group.

The OTE Group has high know-how in the ICT sector, which makes it a selection partner for any business, inside and outside the country, that wants to enhance its flexibility and competitiveness in the new digital age.


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