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How to enable HDR video recording on iPhone

In case you did not know, new iPhones have the ability to capture HDR video. However, as HDR videos take up more space and most people do not have compatible screens to enjoy the picture they can offer, the HDR feature is off by default. If you are interested in this feature, however, you can follow the steps below.

HDR iPhone

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HDR means High Dynamic Range. This is a high-tech feature that allows better color reproduction in any given scene. When HDR is enabled, your iPhone can capture a wider range of colors and more accurately balance the contrast of the darker and brighter areas of the frame. In addition, the iPhone's HDR feature supports Dolby Vision, which helps the destination screen make the most of all the extra visual data.

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To enable HDR video on your iPhone, first open the “Settings”And then scroll down to the selection Camera.

Then select “Video recording".

Finally, switch to “HDR Video (High Efficiency)".

HDR iPhone

Before enabling HDR, note that the videos you capture will be recorded in High Performance mode. This means that they will be saved on your phone in HEVC format instead of the more compatible MP4 file type. However, your iPhone can automatically convert HEVC video to MP4, so you do not have to worry about having to do it yourself before sharing an HDR video.

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In terms of playback, most state-of-the-art phones and computers, including iPhones (iPhone X and above) and MacBooks (2018 or later), can play HDR videos without any problems. On incompatible screens, HDR video will play back in the normal, lower quality standard.

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