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System76: Pop! _OS 21.04 COSMIC is coming soon

Following the scheduled release of Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo earlier this month, System76, maker of Pop! _OS, the upcoming Pop is ready to be released! _OS 21.04 COSMIC in June. For starters, Pop! _OS is one of the most popular Linux distributions based on Ubuntu.

COSMIC System76

In this article, let's look at all the new features that Pop will bring! _OS 21.04 COSMIC. Let's start with the most exciting features:

Redesigned UI

COSMIC is based on GNOME and will feature a sophisticated and redesigned desktop experience. According to System76, many of these redesigns make Pop! _OS efficient and easy to use.

Note that these UI changes are not yet complete and the final product may look different.

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Separate Workspaces and "Application Views"

The activity overview was divided into two views - Workspaces and Applications.

For starters, Workspaces lets you view and work in multiple windows, while Application view displays installed applications and lets you select and open one.

According to the System76 blog, they did so because they discovered that GNOME users typically stop working after Activities Overview opens.

This updated view allows you to access the application selection tool with a single click, while your eye contact will not be so distracted.

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The Dock

Most Pop users! _OS, including myself, use "Dash to Dock". Why; Gives the desktop a cleaner and better look. Therefore, COSMIC comes with a built-in Dock that you can enable and customize.

Users can configure the base position (right, left, bottom). And, of course, it will also have an auto-hide function.

System76 also said that users will be able to minimize windows in the dock and we do not know exactly what that means, but stay tuned for future COSMIC updates.

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Remanufactured Super Key

The Super Key in COSMIC activates the launcher, which can launch applications, execute a command, or compute an equation.

You can also change the default behavior of Super Key and set it in the application finder as in GNOME.

Other than that, Pop! _OS will now have two workflow options - Mouse based for standard desktop users and keyboard shortcut for keyboard lovers. Again, we do not know how it will be implemented, but we know it is going to be an exciting release overall.

Sorry, you can not try Pop yet! _OS 21.04, but you can visit the official repository on Github for more information on what is happening in the COSMIC project.

Source of information: fossbytes.com


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