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Edge Canary for Android has been released with a new UI and new features

Microsoft has just released a new version of Edge Canary for Android. The new version (v91.0.858.0) matches the Edge Canary version for desktops and brings a new UI, features, menu layout and more.

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The new Microsoft Edge Canary application for Android was first detected by Reddit user u / howdoiuseredditlol (via Windows Central). The app offers a different set of features compared to the current beta version of Edge on Android (v46.03.23.5155), including advanced features such as a reading mode and full access to experimental flags.

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You can download the new version of Edge Canary by following this link in the Play Store and try out a number of experimental features by going to edge: // flags. Keep in mind that since this is a Canary release, you may experience errors and other stability issues. Fortunately, you can have both Canary and Edge stable installed on your device at the same time, so you can quickly get back to the stable if this happens.

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The new version of Microsoft Edge Canary for Android comes just one day after the release of the new Kids Mode in the desktop version of the browser. The Kids Mode is designed to help parents provide a safe browsing experience for new users by adding a small selection of websites to the list of allowed. The feature includes two options - one for users aged 5-8 which offers a simplified browsing experience and the other for users aged 9-12 offering child-friendly articles and news on topics such as animals, science, etc.

Source of information: xda-developers.com

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