HomesecurityThe dating app Manhunt has suffered a serious data breach

The dating app Manhunt has suffered a serious data breach

Gay dating app Manhunt has confirmed that a hacker gained access to his account database earlier this year.

dating app Manhunt data breach

The dating app Manhunt, which claims to have six million members, confirmed that it was hit by a data breach in February, in a statement filed with the attorney general's office. Washington.

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The breach is the latest in a long line of attacks on dating sites that are an attractive target for hackers, as they often retain some of their users' most sensitive information.

The company says the breach gave the hacker access to a database that stores Manhunt users' account credentials. The attacker took advantage of the access and obtained usernames, email addresses and passwords - although Manhunt says it does not store payment information.

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While the Manhunt alert acknowledged that more than 7700 residents of Washington state were affected by the breach, the company did not say what percentage of users had stolen data.

However, a company spokesman told TechCrunch that the breach affected 11% of Manhunt users.

Many critical details are missing from the alert. For example, no details were given about the circumstances leading to the data breach and the steps the company has taken to ensure that such an incident does not recur.

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The notification also does not indicate whether the leaked passwords were encrypted or not. They note that as soon as they became aware of the breach, they were forced to reset the passwords of the affected users.

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