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Business Cyber ​​Risks: How business can be protected

Cyber ​​security is an issue that has grown in recent years, mainly due to the large increase in cyber attacks. This makes it especially important for a business to understand that the security of its website is a top priority.

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Business Cyber ​​Risks: How a business can be protected

Although everyone should have some knowledge about Internet security, today's businesses need to be even more careful about this issue.

Below are some of the online threats for a business.

One of the biggest risks for a company is Ransomware attacks. These attacks infect a company's network by locking its files and demanding ransom to deliver the key. This of course means that the company is not able to operate, resulting in reduced productivity.

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But in addition to the financial damage caused by reduced productivity and the payment of ransoms, an ransomware attack also has a negative impact on the company's reputation and credibility. In addition, even if the company chooses to pay the ransom there is no guarantee that it will receive the key to decrypt its files or that it will not be attacked again.

Another major risk to cyber business security is the so-called e-fishing or Phishing. Hackers have become very creative in trying to trick users into clicking on malicious links. In this way, they manage to create and deliver more convincing messages, which endanger the networks and systems of the organizations. Phishing attacks can have a serious financial impact on a business.

The next big risk for a business is the so-called Social Engineering. In this case, the attackers deceive their victims to gain access to valuable data. The perpetrators behind these attacks manipulate employees or associates of a company, persuading them to disclose sensitive information or circumvent security measures for them.

Although the environment in cloud generally considered more secure than an internal infrastructure, cloud computing does not come without risks. Businesses can suffer data breaches, but there is also a high risk of complete data loss. Denial of service issues, also known as DoS attacks, can also affect cloud computing, thus blocking access to business-based cloud-based services.

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Business Cyber ​​Risks: How a business can be protected
Business Cyber ​​Risks: How a business can be protected

Another threat to cloud security is Cryptojacking. This can have a huge impact on a business because it is related to business transactions. As more and more businesses start using cryptocurrencies, cybercriminals can process unauthorized transactions through Cryptojacking.

Another threat to a business is third party suppliers. The use of a third party vendor can often have an impact on the company with which it operates, if it falls victim to data breach by its own negligence.

The human factor is also another risk for businesses.

Employees who are not careful enough or are not properly trained can endanger a company's systems. This can be done either because they use weak passwords, or because they visit unsafe websites or because they click on dangerous links.

Also, a potential risk could be an unhappy employee who wants to harm the company, creating damage from within.

There are some steps that operations can take that will significantly reduce the risk of attacks and other damaging situations.

Initially, backing up your business data and website will help recover any information lost in the event of a ransomware attack.

Owners should then make sure that they have programmed their operating system and security software to do the automatic update. Updates fix serious security issues, so it is important that they are never ignored.

Installing security software on a business's computers and devices will prevent malware infections.

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Business Cyber ​​Risks: How a business can be protected
Business Cyber ​​Risks: How a business can be protected

Another measure that businesses can take is to enable network encryption and data encryption when they are stored or sent over the Internet.

Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a verification security process that requires two or more proofs of identity before accessing the account.

A company must also keep a record of all the computer hardware and software it uses in order to be able to prevent restricted access. Removing any software or hardware you no longer need is just as important.

Proper employee training can be the first and last line of defense against cyber threats.

Finally, another important way to protect a business is to use strong passwords on devices and accounts.


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