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Washington - "Clean Cars 2030": Electric vehicles only from 2030

Η Washington has adopted a new bill, the "Clean Cars 2030", Which sets as a goal all vehicles from 2030 onwards to be electric. The bill was passed as part of a larger package being prepared by the state for electricity alone.

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With this bill, the state of Washington becomes the first US state to votes to ban conventional cars (gasoline etc) in the USA. THE California and Massachusetts also plan bans on petrol cars by 2035.

Clean Cars 2030 has now been approved by both state legislatures (Senate, House of Representatives) and goes to Governor Jay Inslee's office to sign.

The new Washington bill aims to ban on the sale and purchase of any non-electric vehicle, which will be a 2030 model or later. This will applies to cars purchased overseas and imported into Washington.

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Replacement conventional cars do not have to be battery powered electric vehicles. It can be any electric vehicle. Thus, the fuel cell (fuel cell) vehicles powered by an electric motor connected to a fuel cell will also be eligible.

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It should be noted that the bill has been written more as a set of goals rather than as a strict regulation. That is why changes are expected during its implementation.

Washington will overtake California

Under the new bill, it seems that Washington is setting ambitious goals and wants electric vehicles by 2030. California, which has always been a leader in environmental law, has already announced that it will ban petrol-powered vehicles until 2035.

California is in many ways the “house of EV" in the USA. Half of all electric vehicle sales in the United States are in California and the state hosts the largest EV company in the world, the Tesla. In addition, many other automakers are setting up offices in the San Francisco Bay Area to develop electrical and autonomous applications for their vehicles.

Clean Cars 2030

However, Washington, a state lagging behind EV sales, still believes it is possible to end sales of conventional cars. five years earlier.

2030 is not far off, but electric vehicles are already in high demand. Therefore, it may not be so difficult to achieve the goal of banning petrol cars by then.

Either way, one thing is clear. Conventional cars are coming to an end within the next decade.

Source: Electrek

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