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Facebook: Achieved the goal of 100% renewable energy

According to Facebook, the company has succeeds to reach the goal it had set to supply its global functions exclusively with renewable energy. The company is now focusing its efforts on the broader goal of achieving net zero emissions throughout its "supply chain" by 2030, including suppliers and business activities such as travel and employee travel.

Facebook renewable energy

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Facebook plans to use 100% renewable energy were first unveiled in 2018, as Big Tech sought to offset the environmental impact of business growth in a global push to tackle climate change. Two years earlier, the deal Paris Climate Agreement It accepted 143 countries, including Greece, which pledged to keep global temperatures 2 degrees Celsius lower than pre-industrial levels and ideally at 1,5 degrees Celsius.

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Google, the Microsoft products, Apple and Amazon have adopted environmental targets and spent billions to adopt renewable energy to eliminate carbon emissions. But their uncontrolled growth, coupled with pressure from investors monitoring environmental, social and government performance, means that maintaining these commitments requires a delicate balance between them.

Facebook renewable energy

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For its part, Facebook has allocated $ 8 billion to green energy projects, including 63 new wind and solar installations. The social network has contracts for more than 6 GW of wind and solar energy, which is slightly less than Amazon's 6,5 GW investment, making the online retailer the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world.

Facebook's milestone coincides with Earth Day. To mark the event, he starts voluntary registrations for environmental organizations on his social network.

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