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Microsoft Teams: How to view the history you have visited

Microsoft Teams can quickly fill up with groups, channels, tabs, chats, and appointments. Remembering where you saw something can be difficult, so there is a special list of the last 12 "places" you visited.

If you are familiar with the back and forth buttons on web browsers, then you will feel at home using the navigation buttons in the upper left corner of Teams.


These work as you would expect: Click the "<" arrow to return to the last site you visited in Microsoft Teams and select ">" to proceed again.

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However Microsoft products hides the History menu. To view it, hover over the navigation buttons and Teams will display a menu of the last 12 places in the communication app you visited.

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Click the location you want to go to and it will open immediately. Even if you know where you want to go, sometimes it is much faster to use the History menu to go to a group or channel you have visited before.

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