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What does the first PlayStation 5 update bring?

Sony has released a new software update for the PlayStation 5 that includes improvements to HDR and 120Hz support. The new update has also added external USB storage support for PS5 games and new social features that allow Share Play between the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Support for an external USB drive for PS5 games is the PlayStation's most important new feature, but Allows users to save games only on an external drive and not play them.

PlayStation 5

Users can move installed games from the PS5 SSD to a compatible USB drive and vice versa. The update will not allow users to play PS5 games directly from the external USB storage, nor will it allow users to upgrade the PS5 internal storage.

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In addition to the option of external storage, the new update also brings new features to Sony Share Play. With the new update, Sony PlayStation 5 users will be able to share the game with players on the previous generation PlayStation, the PS4. This means that those who have a PlayStation 5 will be able to play with their friends on a PlayStation 4.

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PS5 users can also let their friends on a PS4 console view their game screen, or even try out PS5 games via Share Play and vice versa. Options include sharing a screen with a friend, actually transferring your controller to a friend, or virtually using a second controller to actually play games together.

There is also a new option for automatic video output to non-HDR when using a game or application that does not support HDR. This is a major upgrade for those using HDR on the PS5, as users will no longer need to enter the settings menu to manually turn off HDR when viewing SDR content.

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In addition to the HDR changes, the new update also adds two new HDMI controls to the PlayStation 5 system settings. Users can now switch to a one-touch game, which will automatically turn on a connected TV when a user turns on a PS5. Users can also change the link, which allows the PS5 to enter sleep mode if users turn off the connected TV.

Η Sony It also supports more 120Hz PC monitors with this update. Screens with 1080p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate can now operate at 120Hz with the PS5. The new software update also includes better options for quickly deactivating in-game chat, search for purchased games, and hiding games in the library.

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