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Instagram will allow users to hide their likes

Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram is testing a feature that will give users more control over the corresponding likes of posts in posts. Instagram has announced a new "small global test" that will give users of the app three options when it comes to liking counts - choosing not to see the likes on anyone's posts, turning them off for their own posts or keeping them as they are.


The company said it was working on a similar experience for Facebook, but did not specify how it might be. This comes as an extension of an Instagram test in which he hid likes on certain accounts. However, in the past, users were not able to choose whether to see the likes or not. Instagram had told users at the time that it wanted people to focus on the content they share on the platform and not on how much they like their posts.

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The move to hide the likes was not initially accepted by the influencers, as they were worried that hiding the "likes" would affect their brand deals, as the engagement would not be public. Of course influencers can see their own likes in a private section and share them with brands.

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And Facebook tried to hide the number of likes in 2019. The test hid the public likes of "likes", reactions and measurements in the videos. It is not clear if the new test on Instagram could be applied in terms of engagement or just likes.

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This test is not yet available on Facebook and the company said it will promote it after learning from the test it does on Instagram.

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